Photoshop drag/drop multiple files not working

  • Hello everyone,

    A quick question, There was a feature that you could select multiple files and drop them in notepad++ and it’ll open every single file, including what’s in the folders.

    Since a short time of period, that function was disabled on my computer without me knowing of it.
    I have been searching everywhere and anywhere, but no luck.

    Here is a GIF of what mean with ‘drag and drop multiple files’
    (Usually it ends up giving a popup “are you sure you want to open … files?”

    Thanks for your time,

  • Hello @Folkert-van-der-Noord,

    sounds like different right levels, like running npp++ elevated but explorer not.
    Try running npp as non-admin.


  • Thank you for responding,

    I have been trying to run Notepad++ with and without admin rights, nothing of this seems to work.
    It also shouldn’t be the issue as far as I am aware of. I have everything setup to run as administrator without asking for any permissions whatsoever (And it has been like this for forever).

    I have found out that selecting multiple FILES does work, but as soon as you select a folder with it (which also has a bunch of code inside) it ignores my entire request. This did work in the past.

    Doing a clean re-install for Notepad++ also does not seem to fix the issue, was there an update that changed this feature? Could you try this for me out on your side?

    Thank you for your time!

  • Ahh, ok - was under the impression that dragging multiple files didn’t work but if files are working and directories not than
    I guess we do have the folder as workspace issue. Since introduction of this new feature it isn’t possible
    to use “dragging a folder to open files” anymore - I don’t know if this will get reverted/solved by the next release
    but I would vote for it as well.

    I do understand combination of folder and files don’t work as well.


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