Go back to previous version of file.

  • Have a text file where i deleted a phone number and updated with a new one.
    Need to get the old phone number. Meaning go back in time before i updated with the new one.

    Are there ways?

    I checked system restore point but the drive that appears is “C” but the file is saved in my “D:” drive.

  • Hello @Pedro-Carvalho,

    When npp backup has been activated it could be that the file has been
    saved in backup directory.
    Did you activate windows backup? Then it created previous version as well.
    But I guess you already checked it, didn’t you?
    NTFS itself has also such functionality but I don’t know any freeware program
    which has this implemented.


  • Hi @Claudia-Frank

    This is a fresh windows install. I haven’t activated windows backup yet.

    What about NTFS; i can get a program. Will it work?

  • Hello @Pedro-Carvalho,

    as said, I don’t know any freeware program which can do this.
    Professional data recovery companies claim that they can do such task.
    Well, if they can, than only within limited time as the log gets overwritten eventually.


  • Hello @Claudia-Frank,

    I won’t be able to take it to a recovery company just because of a phone number.
    Without any program reference, as you don’t know one i’l just live with it and setup windows backup to have previous versions so i have a workaround might this happen again.

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