Setting up Notepad++ to run PHP under WAMP

  • Setting up Notepad++ to run PHP under WAMP

    I am using WAMP server and have installed my php files in subdirectories under the localhost directory in the WAMP directory. When I create or edit a php file in Notepad++ and try and Launch in Chrome all I see is the text of the php file, I can’t get it to run the PHP code.

    The URL is pointing to the file…

    The only way I can get the code to run in the browser is to specify the path…

    How do I get Notepad++ to correctly launch the PHP file regardless of what directory it is in, under the localhost?

  • Hello @Fergus-Flanagan,

    you can use the run menu or a plugin named nppExec (which I prefer as it has better options) and call
    the browser of your choice like so


    where $(FILE_NAME) is the current file open. You need to provide this variable, don’t replace it.
    … of course is the path you configured.


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