Notepad++ Deleted all my work. (sad story)

  • I was working on a php project for 3 months while typing codes in notepad++ (n++) It closed it self, And when I reopened it, The document was empty and I had to rewrite the codes from scratch. what’s going on?
    I don’t know if it has happened to you too!!!

  • Do you save your work periodically?
    N++ have an option of automatic backup (Preferences -> Backup).
    However, you better organize your own.

    For code I prefer using some kind of source control - separate database, history if you submit frequently, code sharing if relevant.
    In case, possible, you can use some remote source control - this will ensure that disk failure do not make big damage.
    For text documents you can use services like “Dropbox”, “HDrive” etc.

  • I have started using sublime text, it is very nice and no such errors i would recommend you to use it too, it has never disappointed me as notepad++

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