Wierd issue with notepad++

  • i Had a problem,my class selectors didn’t work,i thought that is some problem with my HTML & CSS but then i put the same HTML & CSS in codepen and fiddle and it works! But when i type in the very same HTML & CSS in notepad++ or dreamweaver nothing going on? My HTML&CSS both correct i checked them so that is not a problem. It is such bizzare problem. Especial because no one has the same problem.

    Can someone help with this?

  • Hello @Milos-Gojic,

    npp doesn’t visualize html sites unless you have a plugin which provides such functionality.
    What does nothing going on mean?
    How do you check your code in regards to the npp question?
    Run in a browser? Upload to a server? …

    Give as much and detailed information as possible to help us to help you.


  • Hello Claudia,

    Waoooh ! Indeed, you highlight this forum with your sentence :

    Give as much and detailed information as possible to help us to help you

    I’m hesitating between a literary construction or a shock newspaper formula :-))

    Anyway, I just hope that we’ll able to give a solution to Milos !

    BTW, did you see my two replies to your posts, at the addresses, below :





  • Hi Guy,

    I tend to the shocking news ;-))

    Ahmmm, yes, for the first answer - well - I feel a bit ashamed - you must think - she never gets it ;-)

    and the second confirms my findings, thank you - but why did you make a detaour using different editor?
    You could use npp and character panel, couldn’t you? Worked for me.


  • Hi, Claudia,

    Concerning your last question, it’s just because I directly modified a N++ configuration file ( config.xml ).

    But, you’re right ! I could just have used the Edit - Control Panel ( or the method : ALT + 0nn on numeric keypad ) to write these Control characters, first, in the normal text window and, secondly, use CTRL + C/V to copy them into the Settings - Preferences… - Delimiter section :-)

    Best Regards,


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