Styling Questions.

  • How can I make it so that whenever the character | is written, it will always be bold but still inherit the same font-family? Also, how can I make it so that the selected/highlighted words will be bolded and have a different foreground color? I’m trying to tweak mine right now and it doesn’t work.

  • Are you trying to modify a specific language? Or all of them? Are you creating a UDL?

  • No. I don’t even really know what a language is. All I want is that whenever I type | it shows as |.

  • The lexers for specific languages are what decides what is colored, highlighted, bolded, etc. If you are just editing text files then your best bet is to create a User Defined Language that all it does is make those characters bold. I’ve never created a UDL before so I can’t be any help there.

  • Hello @Fields-Barley,

    may I jump in.

    As already said by dail, a lexer, like UDL, can do this job.

    High level description:
    UDL needs the informations what should be coloured and which
    font and size should be used. Once you’ve done this, your new
    language appears in the language menu. To get your document colored,
    as you’ve defined, you need to either manually click the new language
    every time you want to or you register an file extension then your
    UDL language gets automatically selected when such a file gets opened.

    The description how the UDL works is here

    Short description regarding your wishes:
    In Language menu click on define your language…
    A new window appears.
    Click Create new and give your language a meaningful name.

    Now you see, that a new field Ext. has been created. Here you would define
    your preferred file extension.

    The styler button needs to be used to define the color and font attributes for
    that particular section.

    In Keyword list you would enter the words that should be highlighted in different

    In Operator section you would defined the single chars like |.
    Strictly spoken, you can define the | also as a keyword if you wish.


  • Claudia, that was just perfect. Now I’m able to do it.

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