Where are the Scintilla shortcuts saved?

  • I’ve been trying to configure the shortcuts so that Shift+Home and Shift+End will select all text from the cursor position to the start/end of the line regardless of word wrapping. I managed to get the Shift+Home to work as I want, but Shift+End only ever selects to the edge of the window if the line is word wrapped. Nothing I do seems to change this although I can get the cursor to move to the end of the line in unselected mode, but never in selected.

    The Shortcut mapper window is modal, so I can’t make a change and test it without first closing the mapper which means going back and forth, scrolling down and trying something else - very tedious.

    The mapper window is also not sizeable so I can’t expand it to see more of the commands on screen at once.

    Can someone tell me where these settings are saved … I’ve seen a shortcuts.xml but it does not have all the mappings in it. I’ve checked both the NPP folder and the AppData folder - is there some other place I should be looking?

    Also - is there an actual explanation of what each of those commands are supposed to do other than just guess by looking at the names. I’ve noticed that some settings appear more than once in the list - why is that? Which one should I change?

    I’m sure the behaviour has changed with a recent update but i’m not sure which one. I’m currently using v6.9

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hello @Xen-Xennon,

    Unless you modify shortcuts, there are hardcoded.
    Once modifed, you will see it in shortcuts.xml

    The issue, you discovered, has been already addressed here.
    SCI_LINEENDEXTEND doesn’t exist anymore #1612

    In regards to their meaning, be referred to the scintilla documentation here.


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