double-click hyphen

  • hi, how to select a word with a hyphen?


    only the “page__block” is released when you double-click

  • Hello Andrew,

    depending on the language scintilla defines chars which are part of the word or not.
    To manipulate this you could use python script and function editor.setWordChars like

    chars = editor.getWordChars() + “@#_()[]”

    which would mean, that the existing chars would be extended by @#_()[]. In your case you would add the hyphen.
    If you put this in it will be automatically added each time you start npp.


  • Thank you, the script added startup.po but it OPERATE only the current tab, how to do so when you open a new tab to run this script?

  • Hello Andrew,

    I described here how it could be solved.
    Basically, you need to register a callback which gets called when you open a new tab or switch tabs and extend the wordchars accordingly.


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