Running C program using gcc

  • Hello
    I want to run my c programs via gcc compiler using notepad++
    i have installed gcc and it’s working from cmd
    I have already saved the following run shortcuts to do so :
    **compile **: alt+F9 : gcc -o “$(NAME_PART)” "$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)"
    **execute **: ctrl+F9 : "$(NAME_PART)"
    but i can not execute my program… as nothing happens when i try do so so
    Please help how to solve this

  • Hello @Kaushal-Dokania,

    can gcc be found in path? If not you have to set the directory.
    Is the output a console application? If so, you need to call cmd shell together with compiled exe.

    For such thing I would recommend to install nppExec plugin which could do this in one run
    and if I remember correctly there even was an example how to do it with gcc.


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