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  • Hello everyone,

    Notepad++ is my favourite tool to program data analysis in R, and I use it in combination with Notepad++ to R. I have a technical issue since the latest update and though it’s partially NpptoR related, I thought I’d post it here.

    NpptoR sends commands to R using a shortcut of preference (usually F8) but since the latest update, something goes wrong in the communication between N++ and R: when a line is wrapped (i.e. because of word wrap) R only received the code up to the wrap (when a single line is sent to R). There’s no problem without word wrap, but then of course the code is less easy to read in N++.

    Did anything change to the way word wrap is coded in N++ in the most recent update or one of the most recent updates? Any ideas for a workaround or a way to solve this?

    Cheers and thanks in advance for any response!

  • Hello @Maarten-van-Schie,

    the only thing which comes to my mind is the missing SCI_LINEENDEXTEND message.
    As Npp2R seems to be an autohotkey extension it might be that it is using the previously assigned shortcut or message id.

    May I ask you, how does this really work?
    You do have an R Interpreter like I do have the python interpreter?
    And you could call something like R_interpreter.exe R_program_file to get some results?
    If so, why don’t using nppExec? Most likely because there are other feature Npp2R provides, aren’t there?


  • Thank you @Claudia-Frank ! I think the code you point to is indeed where the problem occurs.

    I am not sure about the intricacies of NpptoR, but the plugin manages to take lines, selections and scripts in N++, and pastes and/or executes them in the R console window (so not in the N++ window like nppExec does). I’d like to learn how to apply nppExec for R, but it would probably be best to leave that for another time :)

    The issue is mentioned here at SourceForge and here at Github but the bit of code you refer to does not seem to be identified there, so thanks a lot for bringing it up.

    I hope it will come to the attention of the NpptoR developers, unless the N++ developers revert this part of the code as you suggest elsewhere.

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