How to enter character codes?

  • I’m using NPP from a while on a british localized Win10, and often I’m called to write some text with cyrillic characters. The way I’m used to do this on other Windows apps (e.g. Office, Wordpad etc.) is by writing the hex code followed by the <ALT+X> keys combination. This works for characters starting up from code 100h. All characters below that value can be obtained by the <ALT+decimal code> keys combination (coherence is not one of Microsoft’s strengths).
    How to do this on NPP?
    I’m aware of the existence of the Character-Table app but, for some reasons (too long to explain here), I’m not willing to use it. And frankly, this is a compromise NPP doesn’t deserve. ;-)
    BTW, the default font I’ve set is “Times New Roman”.

    Thank you guys for the nice work you are doing with NPP.

  • Hello @Thempleton-Aart,

    npp doesn’t support it natively but

    you can create an registry entry (REG_SZ) EnableHexNumpad with value = 1
    under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Input Method\ then you are able
    to use ALT+(plus sign on numpad) and value to insert the unicode chars.
    Note, you need to logoff/logon to make it work.

    Or define another keyboard layout and switch the layout when needed.


  • Hello @Claudia Frank,

    sorry for the long time passed to reply.
    Thank you for your kind suggestions.
    Both tweaks work as expected in Windows 10.
    However I hope that developers will add support to npp for this.
    I’m a translator and a software programmer and I’m often called to write localizations.

    Have a nice day

    Thempleton Aart

  • @Thempleton-Aart

    Thank you :-)


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