N++ Crashing when trying to install plugins

  • Hi, I’ve recently tried to install several various plugins
    On a few of them I was successful, but on most of them, n++ crashed immediately (before actual install)

    Plugins that worked:

    1. Jstools
    2. JSLint
    3. Select’N’Launch

    Plugins that caused crash:

    1. Emmet
    2. IndentByFold
    3. Language Help
    4. RunMe
    5. ReloadButton
    6. Tidy2

    Now, I don’t mean to initiate an enormous debugging session here, I just believe that must be one thing which is causing these crashes.

    I am running:

    • N++ 6.9.1
    • Windows 10 pro 64bit

    This was tested without plugins as well (well, except plugin manager!)__

  • Hello Davey,

    did you do a one after the other installation or did you select all and installed all of them in one go?
    Btw. Did both ways with the list of plugins and worked for me. Also on win10 x64.


  • Hi Claudia,
    Yes, I tried them each one by one and that’s very interesting that it worked by you!

    Let me mention 2 more details of my environment:

    1. I am running a portable version of n++ - I can’t imagine this would make any difference
    2. I am behind a proxy server - are all these plugins coming from the same place? Could it be that plugin manager would crash if it can’t connect?


  • Ok, I found the problem
    I asked my proxy server to open up full internet for me just for testing purposes, and during that time, I was able to download and install without any problems!
    So, seemingly, if you’re behind a proxy and you try installing a plugin which comes from somewhere that you don’t have access to, will (or at least can) cause n++ to crash.


  • Hi David,

    interesting, it must be specific to proxy/or configuration because if you try to install e.g ViSimulator (without proxy), which isn’t
    available, than it doesn’t crash.

    And if I define an invalid proxy it doesn’t crash either.

    So if there is a valid proxy config and something is unavailable, ---- no, I tested this as well!!
    Hmm, worth to investigate deeper. ;-)

    Every drop of rain that falls in Sahara Desert says it all, It’s a miracle,


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