Help Wanted - fixed number select and find next

  • select and find next

    I switched from ultra edit to notepad + which I really like. However, select and find next causes me problems as it loses focus. So for example if there is a list of numbers say


    and I select the number 1 and do select and find next it correctly finds the next 1 which I then delete as a duplicate and then I hit select and find next again and it starts looking for 3 rather than taking me back to 1 or telling me there are no more number 1.

    How can I make search and replace not change focus? Using ultra edit the select find next f3 keeps looking for 1 and this is what I would like to happen using notepad plus.

    thank you

  • Hello @Steven-N-Senart

    put the cursor before the number to search and press CTRL+F3.
    The next number gets selected and you can delete it. Press F3 for next find.


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