Is possible to solve with new plugins my needs ?

  • Hi
    I’m desperate, I don’t know where elsewhere to ask. I’m checking every day webpage for new version with at least SOME graphical interface to let me use it, because I’m very unhappy with this notepad. It demotivates me from coding

    Please is possible to code new plugins for this?
    1, Automated deletetion of Auto-Completed half of parenthesis (brackets, …), when user manually deletes it’s first half of it.

    2, Deletion of transformed Tabbed whitespaces by only one keyboard hit of Backspace/Delete. By ‘transfered’ I mean Tab Settings in Preferences - for example four spaces for python. If one tab press, will do four normal spaces, would be useful to let user delete it by one press, not four times (Backspace/Delete).

    3, Resetting key bindings/keyboard shortcuts to default from GUI. Not by some manual magic manipulation within files.

    4, Exclude numbers from Auto-Completion. Exclude user specific strings from Auto-Completion per file or default for anything opened.

    5, Enlarge Find and replace window (ctrl + h) for more comfortable multi lines operating. This window has in right down corner an enlarge mark, but it does not work (windows 7 ultimate 32 bit).
    And maybe bug: When occurs Tab whitespace from very beginning of the line pasted into text fields, it is longer than same Tab whispace in middle of that text field. Try select two lines in code, where both start tabbed and paste it into window’s text fields. Second tab will be shorter.

    6, Remembering correctly default folder. Ability to set any default folder for something (for example for opening sesssion). File > Load Session …
    It opens me in some other folder every time (maybe not in same program load, but other day).
    NP++ does not remember any folder for anything (it feels to me like this).

    I’m looking every day NP++ web with high expectations for new version. It’s so flustrating a month after month. I’m starting getting crazy

  • I think the answer to your question is “Yes”. My reason for saying that is that when you write your own code in a plugin you can make it do almost anything.

    However, “Yes” on its own it not a very useful answer.

    What is your real question? The opening sentence asks about the “” editor. The last two sentences refer to Notepad++. Nothing between them mentions either editor. You know that Notepad++ is written by volunteers and enthusiasts. They continually work to enhance Notepad++ with the features that inspire them. If you really want your suggestions added then you could either (a) write you own plugin (or plugins) to do what you want; or (b) describe the features in a way that inspires someone else, or © pay someone.

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