Plugin built with VS 2013 Express vs. Plugin built with VS 2013 Community

  • Yaron, could you post your compare.ini?


  • Hello Claudia,


    Thank you very much.


  • Hello again,

    The problem starts in this commit.

    Thank you.


  • This is were I currently investigate, to be more precise I assume the issue in addBlankSection.


  • You’re amazing.

    On one hand I think that it’s too much, but on the other hand I don’t want you to stop. :)

    I was about to start investigating it myself; I was overwhelmed by the scale of the unfamiliar code.

    Thank you very much!


  • It might be that this was a hasty reaction as it could be that the function already got the wrong value.
    What I can say so far is that the inserttext from addBlankSection

    ::SendMessage(window, SCI_INSERTTEXT, posAdd, (LPARAM);

    only gets one '\r\n”

    {'text': '\r\n',            'modificationType': 0x11,      'linesAdded': 1, 'length': 2, 'position': 3, 'line': 0 }

    whereas my dll gets three

    {'text': '\r\n\r\n\r\n',    'modificationType': 0x11,      'linesAdded': 3, 'length': 6, 'position': 3, 'line': 0 }

    Test was done with two files, one having


    whereas the other has


    It is most likely that I need your help to find out what the problem is, meaning
    you need to do some debugging as well. But not for today, I need to have a rest.
    Maybe we can go on tomorrow?


  • Good morning Claudia,

    I hope you’re reading these lines after having a good and refreshing rest.

    I find it difficult to enlarge the variety of my thanks expressions.
    So, many thanks again. :)

    I’ve never used the Debugger.
    Bear with me.

    Have a great day.

  • Hello Yaron,

    The problem is generated by a compiler bug. It tries to optimize a little bit too much. ;-)

    Either disable optimization, by right clicking on compare in project explorer,
    properties -> C/C++ -> all options -> Optimization and change its value

    or the preferred way

    update your visual studio 2013 to latest version. ;-)


  • Hello Claudia,

    You never cease to amaze me.
    I take my hat off. Oracle Claudia!

    Thank you so much. I’m truly grateful.

    Could you please enlighten me and explain briefly how you got it?
    I hope it’s not a trade secret. :)

    Best regards.

  • Hello Yaron,

    no, it isn’t a trade secret ;-) - but it wasn’t really a clever job, it was just an eliminating process and LUCK.

    I only tell you the steps which lead to the finding not the many wasted miserable steps I’ve done before. ;-)

    After I didn’t find any obvious issues which could explain reported behavior I thought about the differences of your
    and mine environment. After that I setup an windows 7 32 bit with visual studio 2013. Downloaded source and compiled it.
    Tested it and it worked. Even more confused as I expected it to fail. Thought about it again and started comparing yours and mine.
    Same W7, same VS2013, same source -> different results.
    Same W7 (?) -> didn’t install all updates -> didn’t use Hebrew = keep in mind
    VS2013 -> same
    source-> same, you did even test it with different npp version as I read.
    So it must be W7 -> why??? Did a search on the internet about reporting problem with VS2013 and non-english language.
    Results, but nothing pointing to such an issue.
    Then I did a search about problems with visual studio and having different language. And while scanning the result
    I saw one who had an issue installing an update - that’s where I started thinking about different version.
    I had VS2013 update 4 already so I gave it a chance and -> compiled the source and tested it -> problem was the same.

    You see, no rocket science.


  • Hello Claudia,

    Thank you for the explanation. You know, men can get curious too. :)

    And now I just can’t help it.
    After explaining the process of reasoning leading to her famous deductions, Shirley Holmes’ insights seemed to lose some of their former glamour.
    But then on a second thought the shine became even brighter.

    Well, I assumed you had performed some searches and tests.
    Now that I know the scale of those actions, my gratitude grows and deepens.

    And finally, rocket science would be no “rocket science” for you. :)

    Best regards.

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