Strange Characters

  • Please excuse the noob question, but I have some XML files that come from clients where certain characters are showing up strange. When I look at the file with a different editor, they are fine.

    Here’s an example:


    You’ll notice after the word ‘Freezer’ there is a ‘(caf驼’ which is supposed to be ‘(cafè)<’. Oddly enough, it looks different as I’m posting it. In regular Windows Notepad, the word ‘cafè’ looks correct. In Notepad++, however, It shows up as ‘xE9’ with a black background but it does have the ending parenthesis and ‘<’ character.

    I thought that would be a Unicode character, but again, other editors with Unicode font displays it correctly. What would cause this? What character code is it? Can it be converted/displayed correctly in Notepad++?

    I should clarify, in Notepad++, the word '(cafè)" displays as ‘(cafxE9)’, with a black background around the ‘xE9’.

  • Hello @Scotty-Huff,
    normally XML should be UTF-8 encoded but actually I assume this is ANSI.

    Give it a try to change in Menu Encoding->Encode ANSI/UTF-8