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  • Hi Guys and Gals:

    I am looking for a plugin that has some equivalent function to NoteTab Clips. Clips work a lot like snippets, but in my case, I already have all my snippets programmed out using Python Script plugin. The issue is the scripts are buried in the Menu, so in order to get to the scripts I’ve created, you have to do the following:

    Plugins>Python Script> Scripts>MyScript

    As you can imagine, that’s not really helpful when you are attempting to code out a lot of XML. I was able to find a small work around by installing the NppMenueSearch plugin, but that does a search of the entire menu and I can’t narrow it down to just the scripts menu. So I figured I would leave it in place since it’s still pretty simple to use. I want the menu sidebar that I can narrow down to specific section or snippets that can just pull from the menu or something along those lines. If there is a plugin already out there, please point me at it, otherwise I will look into developing my own (I have no clue where to start that lol) :D.


  • I realize that my description here might be vague, so since pictures are worth a 1000 words:

    NoteTab Clip Table

    If anyone has an idea of where I can start, that would be awesome. I am open to doing any number of things from coding up my own table (if anyone wants to point me in the right direction of how to start), to modifying another plugin.


  • Hello Justin,

    there’s a Plugin called “Snippets”, from Frank Fesevur.
    You can install it with the integrated Plugin Manager.

    I think thats pretty much what you are looking for.

    Check it out:

    KR, Robert

  • @kawinga Thank you very much for the proposed solution here, but that’s not quite what I am looking for. Snippets or SnippetsPlus are both very nice plugins, however they don’t run actual code like what I need this to do for me. In my case and the way it works in NoteTab is that you can in python program out some code to do xyz to some selected bit of text. It could be a simple as insert here to as complicated as reformatting the text into something more usable for XML Coding in this case. Now if those snippets can do something like that (from what I can tell they can’t do anything bigger than insert or surround with), than that is what I am looking for. As I said, I found Python Script which allows me to make the scripts, the issue is calling those scripts from the Menu currently, there is no simply way to do that other than going through the very long process of the menu in Notepad ++.

    To be a bit more clear about how the “Clips” work, take the following text for example:

    1. Are you…?

    A standard survey question, now in order to program that into my XML quickly I need to wrap that text with tags and what not so the end result looks like this

    <radio label="Q1">
      <title>Are you...?</title>
      <row label="r1">Male</row>
      <row label="r2">Female</row>

    You can see that while that on it’s face is simple, the back end python code to say take the two rows wrap them in “row” tags and increment their labels based on how many “rows” I highlighted, can get very complicated. I simply need the snippet program to call the clip from the Menu when I double click on it since I already have a plugin that has solved the Clip issue, just not the ease-of-use.

    Again thanks for the suggestions :D


  • @Justin-Brewster, I would also appreciate such a plugin.
    But until someone (maybe yourself! :) ) develops such a plugin, maybe you can try to add some of your favorites to right click menu. You can totally customize the right click menu to your liking.


  • Awesome idea, hadn’t though of the right-click, I will look into that. I’m sure I could find some suggestions, but anyone know where I can get started with plug-in development? I just need some sort of tutorial where it shows me how to write a simple plugin i.e. hello world kind of thing. I think from there I can figure out the rest. Anyways thanks to everyone who has viewed and responded to my post. :D

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