COMPARE plugin is a gem

  • Firstly, I find COMPARE plugin to be a gem, as we can quickly paste two texts from our open file(s) into two tabs in npp and the plugin quickly compares them.

    Otherwise, all the software need the two texts to be saved on hard disk on two different files, and then they are able to compare.

    this plugin is very intuitive also, doesn’t require any fiddling really, just paste the text in two tabs, and it directly compares.

    options are also useful and minimal, like “ignore white space”

    Thanks a gig for it.

    however, some nags.

    1. even if word wrap is on in my npp, the plugin always compares files and shows word wrap turned off. so full text of each line is not visible as it hides beyond the right edge.

    I have to go to menu and again click on word wrap and then it wraps.

    sad part is, in the menu, word wrap is very much shown clicked and active, but plugin doesn’t follow that.

    Please follow “word-wrap” setting while showing the files being compared.

    1. once it has shown the results, how do we quickly change the text in the two files being compared? and how do we quickly see the updated comparison.

    currently, we can edit text in either file, but there is no effect on comparison.

    so, we have to close the compare result, edit the file, and then re compare. a twisted method really.

    the problem is, when the two files are visible side by side, we can quickly edit them to make them more similar, so that comparison is nearer, but when the compare results are not shown, we only remember a few differences and edit them out.

    please allow us to edit the two files (which is actually already allowed) “on the go”, so that as soon as we edit any of the two files, the compare results are automatically updated to reflect the effect of edits made,
    or you can provide an “update results” option so that each edit would not flicker the screen to show updated results, but when we click on that option, the results are shown from the edited two files.

    1. like “ignore white space”, please also give option to “ignore empty lines (ignore lines having no text or only having white space)”.



  • Hello Rawat,

    1. This has been fixed in recent versions.
    2. After modifying the files, press Compare again (no need to clear results).
      Proper dynamic re-comparing has been discussed in Pavel Nedev’s Compare Plugin repo.
    3. You can open an issue in Pavel’s repo.

    Best regards.

  • I do have which is shown as latest at the sourceforge files, but this is the behavior I am getting.


  • You’re welcome.

    You can try one of the other versions I’ve referred you to.


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