how I am supposed to underline..?

  • hi all, from xavier, I’d like 2 underline a word within a text, to highlight it, but after looking 4 the button (like in ancient wide spread word processors like Word.) for 6 minutes, I felt :-% and just decided to ask for help
    thank U sir

  • Notepad++ is an editor for plain text files. And since plain text files have no notion of text decoration, Notepad++ doesn’t have either.

    Word processors are completely different beasts. They store a lot of information besides the text.

  • Although it does seem to ‘underline’ urls.

  • @akmbd166

    yes it does, because there is specific code which is responsible doing it, nevertheless it is true what gerdb42 mentioned.
    It isn’t saved within the file rather than the code is scanning every time if there is an url in the text which needs to be underlined.
    So yes, you could argue it can be done but not in the way like word, writer, ms notepad, … it does. If you want to have such
    functionality you basically need to write your own plugin to do it and as gerdb42 said, this is a different beast.


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