multi-line tab

  • Can someone tell me how to create multi-line tab <<<<=---- Click on link

  • Hi,

    what’s a multi-line tab? Your link is a screenshot of “shortcuts.xml”.
    I don’t get it.

    If you select multiple lines and hit “Tab”, Notepad++ will increase line indent.
    If you select multiple lines and hit “SHIFT+Tab”, Notepad++ will dicrease line indent.

    KR, Robert

  • Check it
    I have edited the PIC to point of what Mutil-line Tab is about


  • / [+]”.

    This buttons are generated by Notepad++ and dependent on “Folding in Code / Folding in Comment”-Keywords.

  • If what you want is “multi-line file tabs”, you can set it through “Settings–>Preferences–>General–>Tab bar”, check the box “Multi-line”, then you will get it.

  • @kawinga , question isn’t formulated clearly but I’m guessing from the screenshot that OP gave that he is referring to indenting paragraphs using tab. I believe your answer of multi-selecting a paragraph and hitting tab pretty much answers the thread. Thanks for that, I didn’t even know you can do that. It’s going to make my life alot easier… :)

    @Yongtao-Yang , thanks for your answer, that was actually exactly what I was looking for when I wondered into this thread.

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