Programmable Menu Sidebar

  • Hello NPP Community:

    I have a feature request I would like to get out there. Either by an experience Plugin Developer or the NPP team themselves. I need a programmable Menu Sidebar. Something that I can tell it what I want in it, or something I can put the calls into. I have no idea how to develop plugins for NPP and my coding languages that I am proficient in are Python and Javascript/jQuery (it’s what my career focuses on). It seems like from what I have read, you need to know C# or C++ to develop plugins. Otherwise I would attempt to do this on my own.

    To make this easier, a list of what I would like:

    1. A menu sidebar like the function list window.
    2. Make it programmable or customize-able, allow me to tell it what items from menu bar I want in it.
    3. Allow me to sort those Items, maybe even allow Headers? (more of wish list than a need)
    4. Make it accessible via a drop-down menu while in the Editor. The idea being you press a hotkey like ESC and it brings up the drop down list of the menu side bar, you can then press a few keys to find the item you are looking for. (again more of wishlist)

    You can find this functionality in NoteTab, but I would like to port some of that over to NPP because it’s honestly the superior editor.


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