run a macro multiple times... Not functioning

  • I am able to record and run a macro I can repeat once without any issues, but if I tell it to run mutiple times by count, ot until EOF, it either does nothing, or simply ignores half of the macro.

    Any help would be appreaciated.

  • I have had the same problem. Only one line could be changed at a time.
    I made the end of the line following the last populated field… no trailing spaces.
    Now I run EOF or number of lines and it goes through the entire file, but only the first line is updated properly.

    I am inserting spaces to create a space delimited text file to unload to CSV file.

    Only the first record is converted properly.
    It looks like each subsequent line has a space added in it that is not visible. Wonder if it is related to CR or LF at the end of each line.

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