Execute macros one after another?

  • I have files that need to go through the same thing everyday. I made myself macros to speed things up.

    Is there a way to execute multiple macros in a row?

    Example - I open a file by hand and start a macro which triggers a specific macro after the one before it finished:

    Macro A (only execute)
    Macro B (repeat until end of the file is reached)
    Macro C (repeat until end of the file is reached)
    Macro D (only execute)

    Between every macro, the cursor should jump to the first line’s first place.

    Is this possible in Notepad++?

    If so: Would it also be possible to execute this on every opened document at once? And if so: Is it possible to give Notepad++ a folder including some files and let it open > process > save every single one in there?

    Thanks a lot! :)

  • By the way: I managed to combine macros by editing the shortcuts.xml. The reamaining problems are macros that shall be executed until the document’s end is reached. I don’t know how to do this via the shortcuts.xml.

  • Nobody knows if this ir possible or not? :(

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