How do I change the defaults

  • I’d like to change the default font size and the orientation of the page (i.e. Landscape not Portrait).

    I tried changing the Font size in Style configurator but appears to make no difference. Can’t find in ‘cheat sheet’ and can’t find any documentation for this.

    Notepad++ is a great product but I don’t use many of the features

  • The quickest and easiest way I know of to change the editor’s font size is <Ctrl>+<Mouse wheel>, if you have a mouse that contains a scroll wheel.

  • Thanks Jim - that works great whilst reviewing the document on-line but doesn’t change the printed output remains the same - I guess Courier 10.

    Just like to have ‘flexibility’ to change font & size and save so that I could select a PREFERENCE. I have managed to change Portrait to Landscape in this mode.

    I would have anticipated this to so such an obvious requirement but just haven’t managed to find

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