Failed to save file not enough space on disk

  • This seems to be a long standing unresolved issue.

    Every now and then I will get this error when trying to save a file I have just edited. The file is on a mapped network drive which is on a Windows 2008 server.

    There are no issues with other programs creating files or saving to existing files (i. e. Excel, or download from web). The file size may have something to do with it, but I don’t know at what point Notepad++ objects and throws this error. And it doesn’t happen all the time (very difficult to reproduce this error)

    The other concern about this error is that the file contents are completely wiped out when I go to look at the file in Windows Explorer. I can do a save as to another drive and save the editor contents this way, but it’s very scary to think that the entire file and any work you may have done can be lost just like that.

    In searching for help on this issue, as I said at the beginning, I see it has been an issue for a long time and is still unresolved. I’ve seen some people asking about Samba configuration in trying to solve this. It doesn’t seem to be a Samba issue as in my situation we are not using Samba. It is, however a networked drive (doesn’t seem to matter what flavour of network) and file size of around 60 MB that seems to be the common denominator and I don’t believe Samba is the culprit.

    Has anyone made any headway on this issue? Is anyone still trying to resolve it?

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