Problem with "clone" tab

  • Hi
    I am using 6.8.3 (have tried to update but get an error “Protocol https not supported or disabled in libcurl”) and have noticed that when I have a file opened in two tabs using “Clone to other view” changes made in one tab are not always copied to the second tab - and I then get an error occasionally saying the file has been updated by another program!

  • I have now upgraded to 6.9.1 and the problem is still happening - but not consistently!

  • Are you on Windows XP? I think there is some issue with windows that it doesn’t support some of the underlying libcurl security protocols.

    the problem is still happening - but not consistently!

    I’d try disabling your plugins to see if it is one of those causing the issue. Also if you find a case where it is repeatable that would greatly help.

  • I am on Win 10 with all updates applied. Not sure how long I have had the problem - I have been getting the “file updated by another program” message for some time now.
    I can live without the Clone View in the short term - have to get a project finished in the next 2 days, and then will have time to do some experimenting to see if I can get more issues.

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