How to make CSS code in Html header have color coding syntax highlighting?

  • Hello Notepad++ Forum;

    Question: How can I get the style code enclosed within the <style> tags in the header of an Html document to have color coded syntax highlighting?

    All of the style code enclosed withing the <style> tags in the header of an Html document is black/bold.

    But the css style code in an external Style.css file has got nice color syntax highlighting.

    <style type=“text/css”>
    Everything in between style tags is black/bold.
    How can I get the style code here to be color coded syntax highlighting?

  • NP++ is only able to apply one styler at a time to a document. The styler to use is selected by file extension so in your case since your file is .html the HTML-styler is chosen. However, you may switch the styler from the menu: Language->C->CSS will activate the CSS-styler with the drawback that the HTML-Part will be poorly styled then.

    Long story short: you may switch between stylers, but you won’t be able to apply both at the same time.

  • gerdb42;

    Thanks for responding to my question. I appreciate the information.


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