Notepad++ process still running after exiting app - caused by Explorer plugin

  • I posted this question a while back but took a while to try the suggestion dail provided.

    “Notepad++ process continues running when I exit the program. This is happens normally when exit, and also when installing a new version. The process then locks the app file, preventing replacement till I manually kill the process in the task manager. This happens in Windows 7 and Windows 10.
    Has anyone else experienced this? I’ve tried uninstalling it and installing again - same problem.”

    The original post is locked (I’m too slow), so here’s a new one in case others have the same problem.
    Dail was correct. The problem is caused by the “Explorer” plugin. After uninstalling it, Notepad++ closes properly.

    NB, to uninstall it, you have to uninstall it using the plugin manager, but the uninstall sits waiting for Notepad++ to close (the process is still running), so you have to kill it in the task manager at that point.

    I verified this by adding the Explorer plugin again, and the problem is repeated. Pity, I used the plugin extensively. It was last edited in 2009.


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