Right-mouse-button-drag to block-select text

  • I really love the feature in SlickEdit where I can click and hold the right-mouse-button and drag to select a block selection (the same functionality as left mouse button for regular selections). I can’t figure out how to customize N++ to do this. Anybody have an idea, is this possible?

    Thanks in advance!

  • @Scott-Gartner If by “block” you mean a rectangular selection, then try <Alt>+<Left Mouse drag>.

  • Thank you for the response, yes I know about alt-left mouse button. I also know about using alt-shift-arrow keys, but the right mouse button block select is what I’m used to and it is so convenient (it doesn’t do anything useful at the moment).

    And yes, I mean rectangular selection, but the Notepad++ documentation actually calls this “column mode”.

  • Sometimes you just have to learn new things. Especially when those new things are free. :)

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