Notepad++ core: Function list not working properly

  • Notepad++ v6.9
    Build time : Feb 21 2016 - 21:27:55
    Path : E:\PortableApps\Notepad++Portable\App\Notepad++\notepad++.exe
    Admin mode : OFF
    Local Conf mode : ON
    OS : Windows 10
    Plugins : NppConverter.dll NppExport.dll PluginManager.dll mimeTools.dll HTMLTag_unicode.dll JSMinNPP.dll PythonScript.dll LightExplorer.dll

    When the functionlist comes across a function name that starta with “for” it lists it as name without those first three letters. Example: the function format_line is shown in the function list as ormat_line.

  • This is a general problem and it depends on what kind of file you are editing.

    If you are editing C files, then you have to avoid functions starting with
    “if”, “while” or “for”

    The problem is in the functionList.xml.

    Any interrupt functions of the format…

    void foo(void) __interrupt(1)

    …are not included in the function list either.

    I have tried to solve it…

  • @NppFrequentUser
    The TagsView plugin has a superset of the functionality of the function list feature, but it doesn’t have any restrictions on the function names that I am aware of. You might want to give it a try.

  • Thanks Jim, TagsView is cool. It does not have the problems with name restrictions.

    but it has some “features” in C, that is the only file type I have tested:

    If you have an interrupt function like
    void ISR_function_name(void) __interrupt(INTERRUPT_NUMBER)
    it is listed as “__interrupt”

    It gets confusing if you have more than one interrupt function.

    Also you have to hit the update button each time you have add or changed the name of a function.

    But overall a great improvement.


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