NP++ can't open my python scripts after new installation and NppExec settings set.

  • Hi

    I installed newly new version NP++, made again all my settings from scratch, installed NppExec plugin (however it seems not verified, check my other topic here) and made all correct settings. But when I want execute that scripts, I get this error:

    This is how I have it all set:

    Thank you very much !

  • Please?

    I need to use that program unfortunatelly…

  • I’m assuming the quotes you have around $(FULL_CURRENT_PATH) aren’t actually proper quotes. It was probably copied from a Word editor of some sort.

  • omg thanks a lot ! i copied it from post from this forum from Claudia. she probably used some formatting.
    how did you find out, this it the error ?

    thank you !!!

  • how did you find out, this it the error ?

    Just a matter of deduction. a) it found python in your system path, b) something was wrong with the file name, and c) the quotes looked weird.

  • now, when i had hard time setting all settings and keyboard shortcuts, how may i safely save all those personal settings ?
    when newer version of NP++ will be later installed on other computer; how do i copy all those settings AND how to manage not conflict or correct interpretation of newer NP++ program setings in compare with older version.
    for example, there will be new option to pick in some preferences window, which will have older settings snapshot of that window.
    how it will behave please ?

  • In a normal install if you save the files from %APPDATA%/Notepad++ then that should be sufficient to save your settings. However, plugins are free to store their configs anywhere they like, however normally they also store it under that same directory.

    how it will behave please ?

    There’s no guarantee what will happen although normally there should not be any issues. Each plugin may or may not handle older settings correctly. Notepad++ should be fine since it knows that it may encounter settings from a previous version.

  • thanks and i found out, that in shortcut mapper, there isn’t line for ““Delete Current Line”” with default keybind: Ctrl + L

    how come ?
    i just randomly found on internet, that NP++ has this opportunity.

    pretty strange, doh ?

  • It is under “Scintilla Commands” as SCI_LINECUT

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