NP++ isn't opening files on shared folder

  • I do this with NP++ at work all the time, so I don’t know why I’m having trouble doing this at home. I got a laptop recently and put it on the same workgroup so I could share stuff between it and my desktop.

    Everything seems to work fine. I mapped a drive (Z:) to my shared folder on the desktop and use it to move files back and forth all the time. However, whenever I try to right click on a file on Z: and select ‘Open in Notepad++’, it doesn’t work.

    The pc switches context to NP++ as if it did something, but the file doesn’t open.

    If I try to navigate manually, NP++ doesn’t see Z:. It won’t let me drag and drop file into NP++.

    It’s very frustrating having an entire drive of files I can’t edit without doing something contrived like copy to local drive to work with and copy back.


  • Are you by chance running NPP with elevated privileges (aka “As Administrator”)? You can tell if it says “[Administrator]” in the Title Bar.

    If so, you won’t be able to use your mapped drives and you also can’t drag&drop items from programs running as normal user. Try to run NPP as normal user or use UNC-Pathes (e.g. \\MyServer\MyShare\).

  • Yes, that was it. Thank you.

    Why doesn’t NP++ work with share drives when in Administrator mode?

  • This is nothing specific to NPP. In Windows, elevated Processes (running “As Administrator”) belong to a different Logon-Session and some settings may not be shared across Sessions, Drive Mappings being one of these. This is also the reason why Drag & Drop between elevated and non-elevated Processes doesn’t work.