to anchor function list window. to change nppexec's console font color, add time of execution.

  • Hello
    I need:
    1, Anchor Function List window to the left part of screen, below Folder as Workspace window. When I double click on window’s header, it anchor’s to right part of screen and overlap Document Map window. When I move and reside window manually, it’s not directly embedded to NP++ enviroment.

    2, Set different color text of NppExec’s console output.

    3, Display time needed for code execution in NppExec’s console output. Not when it compile code from file, but when I call function from loaded from file.

    Thank you

  • i meant to ‘dock’ or ‘attach’ if you want
    like this:

    but i did it manually. function window is floating, so it’s overlapping folder window.
    is possible to do it by hardcode editing some inner files ? force to do it ?

  • 2, solved
    3, it’s not possible to do it this way to have accurate numbers. i have to embedd code for it into my script

    let me ask new thing. NP++ new folder view feature does not support Shit or Ctrl selecting more than one file to open. when i need open 5 files from one folder, where is 20 files lets say, i would pick every with Ctrl and press Enter.
    why it has not this feature ? it’s good to have it !

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