How vertically semi-dock(FunctionList), How select multiple files to open(FolderAsWorkspace), How set preferred side window on each opening

  • 1, How vertically semi-dock(FunctionList):
    I need dock Function List window to the left part of screen, below Folder as Workspace window. When I double click on window’s header, it attaches to right part of screen and overlap Document Map window. When I move and resise window manually, it’s not directly embedded to NP++ enviroment. Like this:
    It is floating, so it’s overlapping Folder window. Is possible to do it by hardcode editing some inner setting files ?

    2, How select multiple files to open in FolderAsWorkspace:
    NP++ new folder view feature does not support Shift or Ctrl selecting more than one files to open. When I need open 5 files from one folder, where is 20 files lets say, I would pick them with Ctrl and press Enter. Why it has not this feature ? Is it possible to allow it by some inner files editing ?

    3, How set preferred side window opened on each opening:
    NP++ behavior is keeping last constellation of modified things. Some settings, some window placements, keeping on top last used windows. For example when I quit NP++ with last thing opened as snippet plugin:, it will show it again on next app start. But I need show document map by default on each start like this:
    Please how to make it happen ?

    Thank you for all help

  • Now I realized, that plugin itself is regulating it also. It’s a priori shown on the top, covering document map. It’s possible to turn plugin off, by I need to have it there at hand. I don’t want manually turn it on before each use.
    It’s this plugin:
    Adds the possibility to add code snippets to the current document by selecting it from a simple list.
    Author: Frank Fesevur
    Latest update: * There was an inconsistency between the documentation and code about the name of the option to specify your custom path for the database. Use DBFile from now on. For backwards compatibility the DBPath entry will still be recognized.

    • When a snippets creates a new document and the current document is empty, it reuses the current one and does not start a new.
    • Added Duplicate snippet function to context menu.
    • New (simple) templates library.
    • Upgrade to SQLite version"

  • It’s not nice to ignore me on purpose.
    Maybe I’m dumbfu*k, but I know my ideas are not bad. All I have posted over this forum. You all just don’t listen or use notepad++ just for writing cooking recipes ?
    Please guys …

    Make at least that damn feature to remove auto-inserted part of all kind of parentheses or personally set autocompleted stuff > when you delete it’s first half, automatically would be deleted inserted part too.

    Thanks and don’t hate me. (Where is Claudia btw ?)

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