Save all opened files to change date ?

  • Hi,

    Is there a way to save all opened tab files even if i didn’t edited each file only to change the date of file ?
    The save all button save only edited files.

    Thank You.

  • Hello Panteror,

    I’ve got a solution which implies a virtual search/replacement on all the opened files of a N++ session !

    • Open the replace dialog ( CTRL + H )

    • Check the Regular expression option ( IMPORTANT )

    • Find what : .\Z

    • Replace with : $0

    • Click on the Replace All in All Opened Documents button

    => At once, all the opened tabs will turn “red

    • Hit the ALT + F4 shortcut or the menu option File - Exit

    • Press the Enter key, repeatedly, to valid the different save dialogs ( Save file C:\...... ? )

    Notes :

    • In the search regex .\Z :

      • The part . is a standard character, different from an End of Line character ( \r ) and ( \n ) and the Form Feed character ( \f )

      • The zero-width assertion \Z represents the very end of the file, possibly preceded by any range of End of Line character(s) ( \r and/or \n )

    • In replacement, this last standard character is just rewritten, as the regex $0 represents the entire matched regex, that is to say the last character itself !

    This method should not use much time to process : only one character per file X the amount of opened files, in N++ :-)

    Best regards,


    P.S. :

    By the way, in a DOS console windows, you can change the modification and access date of a file or a set of them, without changing their contents, with the simple DOS command, below :

    copy name.txt + or copy *.txt + or, even, copy *.* + ( Tested on a Windows XP machine )

    The space, before the plus sign is not mandatory !

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