notepad doesnt display image

  • I typed in the fight image src, not displaying

  • please provide an example, you are making little sense.

  • Notpad++ is not displaying image even though code is correct.
    try this one:
    <img scr=“Valorant-Ann_03-02-20.jpg” alt=“Valorant pic” width=“600” height=“337”>
    paste is into notepad++ and you will see that it does not anything except show the alternative.

  • @Jai-Kandula ,

    Notepad++ does not natively render HTML. Do you mean when you create an HTML file with the code you showed using Notepad++, that opening that HTML in a browser (like chrome) does not display the image? if that’s what you mean, it’s probably because the image file isn’t in the same folder as the HTML file, and the browser thus cannot find the image. (Alternately, if what you showed above is a copy/paste of your exact code, then you have scr= when you should have src=)

    Please note, however, that none of these answers depend on what editor you are using to type your HTML, so it’s really a not a topic for this forum. We call this a “cookie baking” question (and you can get a better idea for why “cookie baking” questions are inappropriate by following this link:

  • Banned

    Please try this code,To notepad doesnt display image

    <!DOCTYPE html>
          <img src="img/vietnam.jpg" alt="vietnam">

    I hope this code will be useful for you.
    Thank you.

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