FAQ Desk: You've asked your question in the wrong place!

  • This really isn’t the place for the type of question you asked, but rather it is a place for Notepad++ -specific questions. You’ll probably have better luck in getting an answer if you try somewhere else.

    However, if you can rephrase it so that it is undoubtedly a N++ question, then by all means, do so and we’ll try to give you a good answer.

    If you are still unclear on why your question was judged to NOT be Notepad++ -related, have a read of this example scenario:

    I used Notepad++ to type up a cookie recipe so that I could print it out. Then I baked the cookies, but they didn’t turn out! Who can tell me why?

    Clearly, no one here could realistically be expected to help. Now maybe there are some cooks here that are also Notepad++ experts, but really there would be a better place than this to ask baking questions.

    We occasionally get questions like this (okay, so this is extreme…). People think that because they are using Notepad++ to type up code (for example) that this is a great place to ask a question about how that code is functioning (it is NOT and please don’t do it).

    and via that back to:

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