backup issue - backup is deleted when file is saved

  • Hi!
    I dont know how it happened, but before: every few seconds NPP created backup of modified files, and all of these files I have still in folder ~20k+ files. But now everytime I save some file, backup is acting like temp file and is deleted everytime i save file ;/ so I dont have any history on files. This is not good ;/

    Please tell me how to fix this issue!

  • for proper versioning of files I would highly recommend using a proper versioning system such as Git.

  • So was this option removed from npp? This worked nice, like history of files in pycharm ;/
    Now I got to find some external program to do it. So wrong… I hope that ppl who changed this setting go and brake both arms and legs on straight road!!!

  • You probably had the verbose option checked.

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