Using Notepad++ zip package

  • Hello All,

    We have a few users at work that wish to use Notepad++ to read code only, we have multiple shared drives in the business and I was wondering if it was allowed by the terms and agreements to have the Notepad++ zip package stored on one of the shared drives for the users to use?

    If this is allowed, is it possible for 3 users to open notepad++ from the same package?

    I have not installed anything

  • Hello Navee,

    Notepad++ is licensed by “GPL” (Gnu Public License,

    It is allowed to store and use Notepad++ on a shared drive. It is possible for multiple users to open Notepad++ from the same package.

    Just try it :-)

    Kind regards,


  • Hi @kawinga

    Thank you for the reply.

    I just wanted confirmation before I tried it, I didn’t want to get into trouble whilst doing so.

    Kind regards,


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