Prevent <br>, <hr>, <img>, <link> and <meta> from being closed automatically.

  • I am running Windows 7 and NPP 6.9.2.
    It is stated that this issue was resolved in NPP 6.9 (

    Any idea what I can do to correct it? It’s getting really annoying.

  • It works fine for me. You probably have XML Tools installed which is actually auto-completing the tags.

  • Had to wait the requisite 20 minutes between postings since I’m new here…

    I didn’t have it installed, but after reading about the problem with it, just for kicks, I installed it - same issue. Uninstalled it again, and I’m still having the issue. (I also uninstalled HTML tags - just in case, but that didn’t change it either)

  • Here’s what I tried with v6.9.2

    1. Launch N++
    2. Set language to HTML
    3. Type <br>
    4. It doesn’t autocomplete it
    5. Type something else like <test>
    6. Auto completes </test>

  • I ended up blowing away the install completely, and completely reinstalling, and re-adding the plugins. It now works.
    It’s possible that there is an issue with the upgrade process somewhere -I’ve been updating it for 4 years without removing it.

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