I need to convert about 1500 files from ANSI to UFT8

  • Hi,
    I’ve tried a solution using macros i’ve found in stack overflow (i’ve pasted it below) but when i apply it, all files are overrided with last clipboard before running the macro! It seems that this is a npp bug but even doing the workaround (select all+ copy during recording), the problem remains :(
    I’ve tried with several releases of npp (6.6.?, 6.8.8 and 6.9.2) without success.

    Has somebody the same problem? Is there a solution?

    Thank you!

    Convert the currently opened file to UTF-8 w/o BOM;
    Select all the text in your file, and copy it (why this? it looks like a bug. if you won’t do this, your file will be replaced with your current clipboard content…);
    Save the current file;
    Close the current file.
    Save this macro.

    Now, open your PHP files, and run it with the “Run a Macro Multiple Times…” command. If you opened 100 files, let it run for 100 times.

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