Change many lines

  • Hello !

    Sorry for my bad English.
    How can I change many lines in one time.
    For example I search 1 line and instead of this line I need to put in 2 or more lines.
    In former times this was possible with the program Homesite (include regex / wildcard and so on), but they stopped and destroy UTF-8 documents.



  • Try using the TextFX Plugin. I have used that to search and replace ‘multi-line’ instances.

  • Habe ich installiert.
    Aber ich habe nicht gefunden wo man in mehreren Dateien ersetzen kann (ohne sie öffnen, sondern z.B. nur Ordner angeben).
    Habe ich etwas übersehen ???

  • Hello
    I have installed it.
    But I don’t found to change many lines in MANY files — perhaps I did not find it and please give me a hint.
    For example 10000 files in a folder.
    For example I search 3 lines and instead of this lines I need to put in 10 different lines.

    Please help

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