Context sensitive help

  • I am attempting to set up context sensitive help for AutoIT on Notepad++. I downloaded a plugin called Language Help and installed it. I can’t figure out, however, how to get it configured to work. I searched this forum but couldn’t find help.

    Any suggestions about how to get the AutoIT help to work would be very much appreciated.


  • @Randy-Harris Sorry, I am not familiar with the Language Help extension or AutoIt.

    If you are looking for function help, then you can create an XML file that will be used if you enable Function completion in the Settings–>Preferences–>Auto-Completion dialog.

    You can see several examples of the type of XML file in the plugins\APIs directory of your Notepad++ installation.

    You may have to do some other configuration to tie the file type (extension) of your AutoIt files to the XML file, but it may simply be that you have to name the XML file with the same extension of your AutoIt files.

    You can find related on-line help here:


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