PowerShell parser mixing smart quotes and the normal double quote

  • I was looking at a colleague’s PowerShell code earlier today in Notepad++ and it looked like he had forgotten to close one of his strings. Upon further inspection we realized that he had used smart quotes interchanged with normal double quote characters.

    We then went digging and found out that PowerShell treats smart quotes and normal double quotes as equivalents which explains why the code ran when he tested it.

    Is there a way to update the Notepad++ PowerShell parser to reflect this? (I know this is very edge-casey, but I thought I’d bring it up nonetheless and see what others thought)

    For example: $b = $a.popup(“WARNING You have “+$Count+”`nMaximum is "+$MaxCount,0,”Warning ”+$Server,1)

  • The parsers Notepad++ uses is from Scintilla. Notepad++ is using a bit older version but even in the newer version it looks like the parser for PowerShell would still have this problem. Would probably be best to report this issue to that project.

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