shortcut to Window > Windows...

  • Hello,

    Is it possible to define shortcut to menu: Window > Windows…
    So eg. by pressing F2 I can very quicky see all opened files, sorted in order of open time.
    It is especially important if you have opened tens files.

    Now I am using ‘ctrl + tab’ but this conflicts with other ‘nice feature’.
    Cause I use ‘ctrl + tab’ to very quickly access ‘previously used file’, or ‘previously previously used file’ etc… [list is sorted by MRU].

    ‘Windows…’ is perfect for quickly opening file if you know moreless its position on all opened files list.
    But opening this dialog without keyboard shortcut [with using mouse] is cumbersome.

    BTW. Beside a/m N++ is perfect ;]

    Tnx & cheers

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