Restoring the crashed file from notepad++.exe.????.dmp file

  • Hi…

    Few minutes before I encountered NPP crashing while I was editing a file. And many other files were open in other windows. After the crash, NPP was forced closed and I had to restart NPP - to my shock the “the file being updated currently” - was truncated to size 0 KB…:(. Anyone helping me in letting me know - “how to use the crash dump file” to restore the file, I have lost - will be highly appreciated.

    The location of the dmp file is : C:\Users<My User Name>\AppData\Local\CrashDumps .
    Operating System Windows 7
    NPP version: 6.9.2

    Thanks…a lot for helping me out.

  • @Satya-P-Nigam

    did you check if the file is still in the backup directory of npp?


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