Recorded macro to search and switch tab causes it to return to 1st line

  • I have a recorded macro to search a text using F3, Copy text (Ctrl+C) and then switch window using Ctrl+2 or Ctrl+Pg Down and then paste the text and switch to previous window using Ctrl+Pg Up .

    But when I run it, it seems to start search from 1st line and then again moves to 1st line when i switch tab. I wanted to paste in the location of the new location of the next search text. Can someone help me on how I can fix the issue?

  • @Vivek-Yadav

    Did you check the macro section in shortcuts.xml?


  • Replying to this for people who come across this page in the future. I had this issue and solved it by repeating my macro manually until the page scrolled downwards, was about 4 times in my case. not sure why it worked. Some bug being avoided by having the search scroll the window down perhaps?

  • You should use “Toggle bookmark”.
    Set it before moving to next tab and then,when returning to initial tab, use F2 to move to “next bookmark”

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