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  • Dear All,

    I am very surprised that the syntaxis list has no BNF option. After all this is the mother of all syntaxis. I wanted to printout the syntax of Python which is 3 pages long. This is for me the only use but I think it is something that should be there for completeness and because it is the starting point of any programming language. Is somebody working on it? Maybe it is available as plug in.

  • @Arjan-Wiskerke

    shouldn’t be too hard to create a UDL for it.
    Afair BNF has only <> | and ::= operators.
    <> used to enclose variables
    | for alternation and
    ::= for assignment

    So, if you run user defined language, put those chars into the operator field, select a color - done.

    Or did I misunderstand your question?


  • That is correct.
    I thought it ought to be on the standard syntaxis list. But that would be more like a argument of aesthetics. I don’t think it is going to be used very often.

    I appreciate your response , Sorry for my late reaction, I seldom come to this forum.

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