Unicode in User Defined Style clears after restart in v6.9.2 (bug?)

  • (Win7 Ultimate, both 34 and 64bits)
    I have a problem since I updated from v6.6.9 to current v6.9.2.
    I have an user defined style in which a keyword is a japanese punctiation sign known as “nakaguro”: ・
    The point and the word attached to it should be colored.

    In the current version, it always gets deleted. I mean: if I add it, it works fine and the ・ gets colored. But if I close and open npp again, the character dissapears from the user defined style.

    Here is a comparative screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/Ft1uCim.jpg
    Here is the exported UDL from v6.6.9 : http://pastebin.com/5VUvLANm

    I tried recreating the same UDL from v6.9.2 without importing, and it’s the same. The ・ character gets deleted when I restart npp.

  • @Iroquois-Pliskin

    as a workaround you might try editing the userDefineLang.xml directly.
    It seems that importing the udl deletes the nakaguro sign while editing
    the xml directly will preserve it, even after multiple restarts.


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