Is there a plugin, witch do multiple "search and replace"?

  • I must reproduct a text config file in many times, but with different data, so I need a plugin, witch can do multiple “search and replace” by a source.
    variables: [x], [y], [z] and the goal is that, change these in files for:

    and so on…

    The best is that if the source can be an excel file, example column A for the variables (like [x], [y]. [z]) column B to file1 data, column C to file2 data.
    So example:
    A1: [x]
    B1: AAAAA
    C1: DSADSA

    And if I run this plugin/script, it generates file1.txt and file2.txt as outputs from sourcefile.txt, but with the variables changed.

    Is there a plugin, which is about to do so?

  • @Attila-Schulcz

    if you already use an excel file why not using it’s internal language (VBA I assume)?
    Does it really make sense using npp for this?


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